Selling Tips


  1. De-Clutter your home ready to present your property to potential buyers.  This should include clearing kitchen bench tops, bedside tables, coffee tables etc.  Pack away the family portraits as these can become a distraction for buyers.  Ideally we want them to imagine themselves and their family in the home.  De-cluttering is basically a head start on packing so you may as well get started on it now if you are serious about making the move.  If you haven’t used it in 6 months you probably won’t so why not throw it away or donate it.
  2. Clean and tidy your kitchen pantry, walk in robe, built in robe, linen closet and bathroom cabinets.  Yes buyers like to take a peek inside so they can see just how much storage there is.  
  3. If you have areas in the house that need some minor repairs or improvements now is the time to do it. Fix any leaking taps, dents in walls and any cracks in the ceiling, ensure all light bulbs are working, try to have all walls painted a neutral colour (you don’t want to be the house with the blue walls), replace cracked floor tiles and ensure all cupboard doors and draws open and close properly.
  4. Give your home a good “spring clean” including windows and the driveway. Make the showers sparkle, kitchen sink and tap wear should be shining, bedrooms clean and clear, living areas should look and feel open and spacious.
  5. Stand out the front of your home from the street where potential buyers will first be parking their cars. Look through the eyes of a buyer and make certain you are happy with what you see. Ensure you have clear street numbers on your letter box. On that note if your letter box needs painting or replacing now is the time to do it. The letter box is usually the first thing buyers see as they are looking for the house number. Pull the weeds from the gardens and keep the lawns and hedges maintained.
  6. Take a look at some houses for sale in your area to see what you are competing with. Be sure your home presents equally as well if not better than your competition on the market.

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